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Coach Jilly

Coaching•RRT•Process Healing



1:1 Coaching is high-accountability, goal-focused work that equips you with the tools to move through your life, love and dating relationships in a new more empowered way. It can be combined with the Rapid Relief Technique and/or the Process Healing Method which will yield the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.  It requires the greatest amount of energetic and financial investment into yourself.  The payoff is immeasureable. 


Rapid Relief

As a Master Trainer and Practitioner of the Rapid Relief Technique, Jill teaches this tool to every client as a mean to release stuck emotions and heal trauma that gets held in our body and manifests as stress, illness, PTSD and patterns of repeated negative behavior. 


Process Healing Method

Process Healing is a healing modality created by clinical psychotherapist Garry Flint, PhD based in neuroscience practices that helps rewire the brain to neutralize trauma memories and create a life with more happiness and less pain.


Feminine Energy 

Although I work with both men and women.  Healing my own relationship to the masculine has given me a passion to help other women do the same.  Our dating or committed relationships become so much richer and more pleasurable when we learn to live from a more authentic and embodied place that can only happen when we heal this part of ourselves.  

Therapy Sessions
What I'm building...

I'm building a Love Container™ where women can shed, grow, heal and step into their juicy delicious power! 

About me

Those closest to me call me Jilly. 


I am a Certified Big Leap Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher,

 Advanced RRT Practitioner certified in Human Development, a Self-Love Ambassador, Feminine Energy Dating Coach and Process Healing Practitioner

I am a curious life-long learner, a book-addict, a 9 on the Enneagram...

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I learned about Jill through a mutual friend.  She taught me valuable lessons about my feelings- why I feel a certain way, how to move through (not around) my feelings and come out the other side better adjusted. She offered data-driven healing techniques that left me amazed at their simplicity and success. Jill exudes such positive energy and truly changed my life! 

-Tina F. 

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