What's my story?

Those who know me, call me Jilly.  My life is about wisdom and empowerment, I live to get it and share it. I believe a gift isn't really a gift until you give it away.  This is my gift.  Coaching. Speaking. Teaching. Inspiring.  I am a proud mom of 2 teenagers.  I homeschooled my kids through 8th grade.  I love God.  I love people.  I have been financially successful and I have been bankrupt.  I have lived on the East coast and the West.  I love surfing, fast cars and I'm excited about getting my motorcycle license this year!

I married my high school sweetheart at 22 years old.  After a series of life struggles I found out my husband of 20 plus years was cheating on me.  While I stayed home supporting his business growth, homeschooling and raising our kids and keeping the home he was having affair after affair.  

In the spirit of responsibility I made a brave decision to take a long, hard look at myself.  There were so many unanswered questions.  Why did I stay so long?  What were my beliefs about my worthiness?  Would I ever find the love I so desperately desired?  

I left.  It was the scariest decision I ever made.  I was riddled with guilt for putting my kids through this.  But here I am, years later.  I can say with confidence it is THE BEST DECISION I ever made.  

I had to step away to realize I had been married to a narcissist all those years and was a victim of abuse.  Rather than remaining in the victim role, I resolved to take full responsibility for all the ways I had created my life up to that point.    

My coaching practice took a turn.  I had to get the message out .  There is a beautiful life on the other side of trauma and abuse.  If I can do it, so can you!  It is my absolute joy and passion to help other women along their journey.  I created programs specific to wherever you may be on the journey.  The tools and methods I teach work!  I know because I used them in my own life.  I can honestly say the pain was worth it. 


I am grateful for every step along the way.  I have not only healed my heart from abuse and post traumatic infidelity syndrome and I have found LOVE! 


I now consider myself a crusader for those affected and  I will not stop.  If you are ready, I mean really ready to commit to finding LOVE, I know I can help you.  Let's walk together!