Happy Clients

Jill has seen me through some of my darkest days I’m so thankful for her coming into my life and helping me through that period. her love and respect for the human heart and all of its abilities shines true everyday. Her compassionate personality and her own life experiences helped me grow through my struggle. She is blessed with the ability to serve anyone with words of encouragement and enlightenment. when I reached out when my husband left two years ago I thought I’d never love again much less love myself she’s taught me how important self love is and how to grow through painful experiences

Ashley F., VA

When you meet Jill, you feel as though you have known her for years. She is a great listener, and never quick to judge, and instead of forcing an opinion, she is able to have you come to your own conclusions by digging deep into your soul and look at the truth behind the hurt.

Pamela G.

"Working with Jill is a JOY!  She has an innate insightfulness and compassion into each individual.  She is always comfortable to be with.  Her knack for helping her clients be authentic with themselves and others comes forth from a place of deep caring in her heart.  She pulls from her own background and experiences coupling that with all her schooling and training to create an environment of ease for her clients.  I highly recommend her coaching services! 

Jyl Edwards, LMBT, LSH, EC

Lemme start by saying I can't say enough good things about Jill. She not only has the knowledge and experience to guide and coach, but she loves and cares instinctively and is immediately ready to delve into any problem, topic or challenge you are facing. I haven't met anyone that is as genuine about getting to know other people the way that Jill is. She's a brilliant and beautiful individual that everyone can benefit from. Spending time with Jill whether through phone call, in person or email will fill up your tank and empower you with the tools to help face any challenge life brings.

Niki S.

I am a 53 yr. old man and I have my ways but Jill was able to get me to rethink my way of thinking. 

Anyone out there who needs to be rebooted, Jill can help you. 

She taught me things and told me things about myself I would have never dreamed. 

I’ve learned to take a step back when speaking to my wife and kids, I’m more calm now.  

She is truly a remarkable woman who went through her grief and now has the calling to help others.

So I recommend to all should you feel you need help or to be rebooted , Jill is your coach!

Her personality is outstanding, and she is dedicated to her work. 

If I had to do it all over again, I would reach out to Jill.

I know I'm a better person , a better dad because of Jill. 

Sam G., NM