October 3, 2018

Dear Coach Jilly…how do I stop obsessing about my ex…my break-up or my old life?…I hear a version of this question almost daily.  How do I move on?


Life can be tough.  People die.  Spouses cheat.  Friends betray.  Financial tragedy strikes.  You get the point.  Loss is as much a part of life as gain.


So…how do you move on?  Besides my first answer which is to allow yourself to grieve the losses.  The next not so obvious answer is CREATIVITY.


Please stay with me here.  I don’t mean just painting and drawing.  Heck, I’m the least crafty person I know.  


By Divine order we are creators.  For you it may mean making food in the kitchen, for someone else it may mean rearranging the furniture, or writing code.  I don’t know where your creative genius lies but it’s in there.  Innately you were created to create.


If you’re feeling stuck where you are in your life or relationships I would encourage you to spend the first 10 minutes of your day nurturing your creativity.  


For me, that means journaling…I love to write.  There’s something about that smooth gel pen ink on a blank white page that just gets my creative juices flowing.  Sometimes I come up with business ideas.  Sometimes the thought of calling an old friend comes up.  Other times I turn on the music and do my best dance moves.  There are no rules here.


The only rule is to commit to spend the first 10 minutes of your day in your creativity.  It’s a great way to create more ease and flow in your life and I promise it will help you move on because rather than dwelling on the past you will begin to create something new.


How do you love to create?



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