April 29, 2018

Manifestation: The Latin root word "manifestus" means, plain, clear, evident.

Manifest as a verb means: to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; to show plainly




Manifesting at it’s best can be summarized as getting what you want.  We all manifest in our lives, although you may not be aware.  The life you’re living today is a direct result of your thoughts, words, actions, choices and intentions from your past.


Here are some barriers to Manifesting Powerfully: 

1.What you want, is not really what you want. (you may think it’s a person, but really it’s being in harmony within yourself)


2.We think in terms of what we do not want, instead of what we DO want. (I want a red car) 


3.We can’t get past where we are because we haven’t loved ourselves for being there. (I hate my body) 


For instance, someone reached out to me recently about being in a one-sided love affair. Basically, he’s in love with someone who doesn’t love him back. 


When we live in our essence we typically want things that are healthy and good for us. Out of touch with our true selves we tend to want things that are unattainable or even toxic to us. 


My advice to him? Look inside yourself and begin to love and nurture yourself. Only then will you stop looking outwardly for that fulfillment, and especially from another human who does not reciprocate.  At first he didn’t understand. He said, “If loving oneself will fulfill us, then why be in a relationship at all then?”  In his case, living out of touch with his true essence he thought that the love of this woman would fulfill him and take away his pain, longing and loneliness. 


This type of thinking, that someone outside of ourselves has the power to make us happy is doomed to failure.  No one has the power to fulfill you.  It’s an illusion and an awful lot of pressure on the other person to perform to your expectations. 


When we are in touch with our essence we are more likely to create harmony in our bodies as well as our relationships. 


So how do we begin manifesting good things in our lives?

Begin by thinking in terms of what you want vs. what you don’t want. 

I want a red car is more specific and measurable than I don’t want a purple car. 


Every night my 18 year old son repeats to himself  the lofty net worth goal he wants to manifest by age 26. 


You tell me... do you think he is more or less likely to get there than the person that says I don’t wanna be broke? Or the person with no goals at all?  Think about what you want and get specific! 


The final barrier, one you may not have considered or addressed is just loving where you are right now.  So maybe you don’t have that soulmate, or dream job or child you so desperately want.  A huge barrier to getting what you want is not loving where you are and who you are right now; fat, broke; lonely; depressed, etc.  


Strategies for Manifesting Powerfully:

+ Get in touch with your inner self. 

+Decide what you want and then tell the truth while making eye contact with someone. It grounds you and balances out your experiencing and expressing equally. 

+Make a plan of action that is specific and measurable. (I’m lonely so I’m going to get out of my comfort zone and go to that BBQ and make new friends) 

+Love it the way it is.  For example, Hating your body is not going to help you lose weight.  


It may sound counterintuitive but the rapid path to to somewhere else begins with being and loving where you are right now. 


Comment below on what you want to manifest in your life next and get specific!! 


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