February 5, 2014

You know those single-serve packets you get at fast food restaurants? Ketchup, jelly, hot sauce, etc.  I met a guy on a plane once who explained to me his theory on those mini-relationships you make with people in life.  The ones where you hit it off with a stranger in the DMV line or in my case standing at the shore line at the beach watching my kids play in the ocean.  I made a single-serve friend.


I will never forget what she told me about the reason for her beach vacation.  She shared with me that she and her husband had just celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary.  She said, early on in their relationship they decided they would make a much bigger deal of anniversaries than birthdays.  She explained that unless you die, the birthdays keep coming year over year.  Anniversaries however, took work.  Marriage is work.  These days a marriage lasting beyond 7 years is rare.  Multiple divorces is common.  And so, she said, wedding anniversaries were a major celebration in their house!  


I do not remember her name.  I can't even remember her face.  But her words resonate with me still today.


Today I celebrate 20 years of marriage with my husband Howie.  We have been through every up and down imaginable.  I tell people with great pride that I've been married for 20 years.  I think it's a really big deal! If you are married I encourage you to celebrate every year in your marriage too!

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