July 7, 2017

I heard a statistic recently that over 80% of the population have no goals.  The word goals can be interchangeably used as dreams, aspirations or a vision for the future.  I found that percentage astonishing but then turned it, as always, introspectively.


Sure I have things I ‘would like’ to have, to do or to happen one day.  But I realized I had never gotten specific and literal with many of my goals.  I’m a very practical girl, so what has always held me back is the question that comes next, “How are you going to achieve that goal?”  When I didn’t have the answer to that question, most times I abandon the idea or goal altogether.


I was out the other night and made some new friends.  I call them ‘single serve’ friends.  The ones that you meet on an airplane, standing in line at Target or having a drink at the bar.  You share a moment in your lives and most times never see or speak to them again.  However, those single serve moments can be very impactful, in your life or theirs.


The conversation turned towards dreams/goals.  One friend admitted he was feeling restless in life lately.  I asked, “What do you really love? What are some of your lifetime goals?”  His friend chimed in, “Oh, what’s the use? You live. You work. You die.” … Possibly he was just being snarky, but the moment stuck with me.


Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”


Life goals are what you want to become, do or experience.  I was challenged to make my own list.  Small things, big things, pie in the sky things, from relationships to material things to travel adventures.  It was scary.  There was something treacherous about putting it on paper and being specific.  But why?  For me, it’s because I have no clue HOW.


You see, the mind responds to specificity.  I only need to make the list, follow my intuition and take the opportunities when they present themselves.  Writing down or typing out your lifetime goals gives purpose to your life.  I don’t need to know how and you don’t need to know how either.


I created a document on my computer that I keep open in the background.  When I think of something else that I would like to add, I type it out.  It takes mere seconds.  The making of the list alone has been powerful.  Shoot, I overcame a fear simply by typing it.  It felt like a win.  Those items are on paper, they’re specific and now they pop up in my mind often.  They are like this subtle undercurrent in the river of life.


If you need further inspiration, google the life of John Goddard.  He’s been coined as the World’s Greatest Goal Achiever.


Will you join me in making a list of your lifetime goals?




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