May 4, 2017



I approve of you today.  You are a good person, a loving and kind person, an honest vulnerable and genuine person.  You’re not perfect, that is an impossible standard to achieve.  Besides, who can relate with perfect?  No one.  Perfect makes people feel inferior, scared and withdrawn.  Perfection drives people to question themselves, sometimes judge others; do and say crazy things.  Perfection keeps people up at night worrying, striving, scheming.


Perfection is a thief.  It steals time, money and peace.  It causes you to assess, reassess, and obsess with it’s wicked step-mother “what if?”.  It keeps you from appreciating what is. What is wonderful, what is beautiful, what is miraculous…the things that are actually “perfect” (your humanity).  The God of the universe states simply, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”… If I was made in the very image of God and God is perfect….then in my humanity, I am perfect.


Perfection is a liar.  It says if this was perfect or you were perfect you would be happy or people would think good of you.  No, the truth is perfection breeds a constant cycle of discontent and your outward facade of perfection repels others.  If you look, act or seem to be perfect, who can relate to or be vulnerable with you?  Your vulnerability, not your perfection invites people closer.


Today Jilly, I give you permission to be imperfect.  I forgive all your dumb decisions and every time you’ve fallen short.  You are not wrong.  You are just human.  God made you and in your humanity that is perfection.


This was my journal entry today….I look forward to hearing your comments on your struggle with perfection….




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