February 20, 2017

I’ve been feeling angry the last few days so this blog may come across a little spicy.  Stop reading now if you’re not in the mood.


Sometimes this word happiness makes me want to vomit.  People throw it around with a sense of entitlement that is very disheartening.  “Oh, you just deserve to be happy!”  “I just want you to be happy!”  “Do what makes you happy!”…. gag.


I believe there is something to be learned from anyone and everyone you encounter in life.  Even if it’s learning you don’t want to be like that person.  Someone I have zero respect for and has taught me many lessons on how not to behave or treat other humans recently asked me about my happiness and wanted to know why I was having trouble moving on with my life.  After I chuckled to myself about how little this person knows about me or my life, I thought, sounds like the typical person who doesn’t want to be accountable for their actions.  Deflect, deflect, deflect.  Then, being the introspective person I am realized there’s always something to learn.


First of all, I’m very happy with where my life has moved on to over the last year. However, I think most people in this life confuse comfort with happiness.  Comfort requires no work and is easy.  Comfort means you accept things as they are because there’s too much effort attached to happiness.  Happiness according to blogger Mark Manson, requires being proactive, confronting fears, facing difficult situations and having unpleasant conversations.  Let’s just say that happiness is work.  Comfort is not.


Sadly, comfort has infused us with a sense of entitlement that has kept us from knowing true happiness.  Comfort has actually disconnected us from the things that bring happiness like building relationships, getting outdoors and experiencing nature, learning to love and accept yourself and others without judgement and achieving personal goals.  Comfort keeps us in our bad habits and from taking responsibility for doing shitty things to other people.  A tragic by-product of comfort and massive commercial success as a society is that we can avoid the emotional struggles of life by just getting another wife, smoking another joint or buying another car.


After all, just do what makes you happy!….or was that comfortable?

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