May 31, 2016

I have this amazing therapist who I see weekly.  He’s helping me through the grieving process of some major life changes right now.  Every week I have homework.  Yes.  There’s work to do aside from crying, being angry or feeling sorry for myself.  I have fully committed to the healing process.  What I’ve had in life and who I’ve been, I don’t want that anymore.  I believe now more than ever that change starts with me.  I don’t want to be who I’ve been.  I want off the crazy train….turns out I was driving that thing.


This week I was asked to create a vision for my future.  I was very proud of my therapy homework, so I thought I would share.  This is a vision of where I’m going….and I’m on my way.  I may never get it all right.  But at least I’m headed in the right direction.  I hope it inspires you to look inside to what’s broken (because we are ALL broken) and begin searching for answers.  I promise you, it’s worth it….and so are you!


My clear vision for who I am


I am aware of my feelings and can name them and feel them without denial or delay.


I know what I need and desire and I am powerful and decisive and communicate that effectively.


I quickly recognize when a personal boundary is being violated and I can communicate my needs or remove myself from an unsafe situation with grace and dignity.


I can choose safe people to relationship with and I am prudent around people who are not safe.


I am creative and communicative.


I am trustworthy.


I have a voice.


I am important and I surround myself with people who love and respect me.


I love and nurture my inner child daily, which causes others to want to love and nurture me as well.


I replace lies with truth and I believe the truth about me.


I am powerful, precious, healthy and whole.


I know who I amwhat I want and what I’m worth.


I will not settle for less ever again.

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