March 4, 2016

and one day, the pain is gone…. or it just doesn’t hurt as much.


I’ve been in pain for so long I can honestly say I didn’t think it would ever change, be different or improve.  There’s a reason for the term ‘pain-cave’.  Because when you’re in deep, gut wrenching, mind-fogging, emotionally disturbing pain, it’s like a cave-it all looks the same and you can see no way out.


A couple years ago I smashed my pinky finger at the gym.  I almost ripped it off my hand actually.  When it happened I can honestly say it didn’t hurt too badly due to the shock and adrenaline, but 20 minutes later at the hospital I was trembling in pain… and I’ve got a high pain threshold having birthed my daughter Emme without pain meds.  Unfortunately, when they gave me the pain meds it wasn’t the end of the pain.  It was simply a temporary relief to get me through the next couple of hours.


We do this in our lives.  We medicate with alcohol, drugs, work, activities or people.  The pain is temporarily palliated.


I’m so thankful for the surgeon who sewed my finger back on, the 5 pins he put in and the pain meds I left the hospital with…..but the pain didn’t stop there.  Next was changing the dressing, holding it upright for days, sleeping propped up, guarding it from mindless bumps, rehab and eventually the shoulder pain that ensued from holding my hand close to me for so long.


Stick with me on the nuggets here….


Life is hard.  Things happen to us, we make bad choices- it hurts, it rips us apart, sometimes disfiguring us.  And sometimes it hurts for a very, verylong time, to the point of giving up.


Today I’m here to encourage you to stick with the pain.  Feel it.  Lean into it.  Process it. Give yourself grace.  The pain is telling you something.  What is it saying?  What can you do?


My pinky finger pain required action on my part.  I had to make a commitment, a decision to do the things required for it to heal.  I had to soak it, hold it upright, do my rehab and then eventually rehab my shoulder for a year as a result.  As you take action, I can promise you this…one day it will hurt less.


One day you will wake up and realize your pinky doesn’t hurt, or your shoulder either.

You may be in awful pain because of your own choices or what happened to you but make a conscious decision today to walk through the pain- kick the pain meds.  Face it.  Feel it.  Lean into it.  Decide what you can do differently today and in the future.  Know that one day you will wake up and realize it just doesn’t hurt anymore…


Be kind to yourself.

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