June 8, 2015

I’ve had today’s blog rolling around in my head for weeks.  Sometimes I just have to “decide” to sit down and type it out.  This clearly could go in several different directions, hopefully I will choose the one that will encourage you the most today.


I admire very much my husband’s quality of decisiveness.  For years he was a Wall Street hedge fund trader.  Hundreds of times a day he had to make split-second decisions.  Every one of them determinants of whether he would have a profitable day or a losing day.  Only a very small percentage of people who trade actually succeed at making a living at it.  He was one of those people.  He no longer trades but runs a business and again makes decisions all day, every day.  He will tell you, some are right.  Some are not.  But he makes every one of them with confidence.  I believe with that confidence comes a great deal of power.


You have that power.  I have that power.  The power to decide.


This is a segway from my previous post on victimhood.  There is great power in a decision and the truth is you are not a victim, YOU ARE AT CHOICE.  The sooner you believe that the sooner your life will change.


You get to decide how you will respond.  You get to decide how you will treat others.  You get to decide how you will be.


I heard a great example of this in what’s called  The Law of the Garbage Truck.  After a taxi cab driver got cut off in traffic and almost skidded off the road trying to avoid the driver that had just pulled out in front of him, the driver of the car yelled, cursed and waved his arms in anger at the cab driver.  The taxi driver in turn smiled,  waved and drove on.  His passenger asked him how he was able to stay so positive in such a frustrating situation.  His response was, that some people are like garbage trucks.  They go through life full of anger, frustration and disappointment. They are unhappy and toxic.  As their garbage piles up they are looking for somewhere to dump it.  Sometimes you end up being that person.  Don’t take it personally.  Don’t take their garbage and spread it around to others.  You get to decide.


The grumpy store clerk?  The guy at the DMV?  Your kids, possibly your spouse?  Co-worker, boss man? The deal that fell through?  The bad report at the doctor?  The traffic?


Why are you giving away your power?  Your power to decide is yours completely.


Choose forgiveness. Choose love. Choose understanding.  Choose life.


Smile.  You are not a garbage truck.

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