April 22, 2015


These are hummingbirds.


The law of physics says it’s a virtual impossibility for the hummingbird to fly.


It’s tiny wings beat up to 80 times a second.  It can move it’s little wings 360 degrees in every direction to move it’s body,  even backwards.


Sometimes birds fly into my garage and get stuck against the windows trying to get out. This week it was a tiny little hummingbird. It’s wings frantically buzzing like a bee as it kept trying to get on the other side of the glass window.
It was stuck.
My heart broke for this little creature.
It had been equipped with everything it needed to get free. Yet it continued to bump against the window convinced that was the way out, to the point of exhaustion.
I can relate.

I have felt so trapped by a circumstance in my life to the point of giving up.
I’m sure you have too.


I immediately lifted the blinds, reassured the bird it was going to be okay and grabbed a soft broom to try to coax the bird away from it’s perspective(the window).




That bird was obviously convinced that was the way out.


Sometimes this works and the birds in the garage shift directions and fly out. Not today. This bird had been stuck behind the blinds for a while and it was weary.


My daughter came out to help get this bird free. She gently wrapped her hands around it and carried it out.




The point: sometimes we can free ourselves from our situation through a change of perspective.   Sometimes we need help. We need each other.


Where are you stuck?  Where in life are you struggling with your current perspective to free you?  Do you want a new career, a new relationship a new perspective? Maybe you just want new drapes, but you’ve stopped dreaming.


I’m here to tell you it’s time.


Time to dream.  Time to change perspective. Time to reach out for help.


This bird is equipped to fly.  This bird is equipped to do what the law of physics says is impossible.


Who told this bird it could fly?


God did.


And so can you.

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