March 19, 2015

We’re going with synonyms today.


Thirsty: eager, hungry, thirsting, craving, longing, yearning, desirous….


Are you satisfied?  Or are you thirsty?  I believe you are one or the other.  I’ve come to the conclusion that some people on the journey of life found a rock along the trail and sat down.  Some are old.  Some are wounded.  Some are just taking a break to catch their breath.  I get it.  I’ve been in some of these places.


The principle of Being vs. Doing is something I learned this weekend.  I learned it as it applies to my life coaching practice but when I really “get it” it will permeate every area of my life.  Here’s a visual.


I’m sitting here typing up this blog and I realize I’m thirsty.  Actually physically thirsty.  I can sit and “be” thirsty.  But eventually I have a choice to make that requires action or “doing” on my part.  I may have a sore back, or a headache or I may not even know what I feel like drinking but I know if I am to quench my thirst I will have to get up and pour myself something to drink.  Whether you realize it or not a decision must be made.


Either I am going to decide to sit here and be thirsty OR I am going to get up and do something about it.  Both are a decision.


Those of you who think you are not deciding or are staying comfortable have still made a decision.  The decision to do nothing. Oftentimes it’s the decision to be a victim.


My question is, how is that decision affecting your life? What is that decision costing you?


There must be BOTH being and doing to have balance.  But BOTH require a decision.


As a Crossfit Coach it is my job to see & correct your movement to help you do better.  As  Life Coach it is my job to help you see the greatness and the power within yourself to be better.


Are you balanced?  Is there too much “doing” and not enough “being” in your life?  Or vice versa?


Are you thirsty/hungry for more?  Or have you stopped on the trail of life because you’re old, tired or wounded?


It’s not over.  Life needs you.


Make a decision to keep forging the trail.  Make a decision to get the being/doing see-saw in balance.


If you are thirsty, but you don’t know what to do next, I would love the opportunity to have a coaching conversation with you.


Let’s get up and get you something to drink so you can be the best version of you.  The world needs you!




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