November 12, 2014

This word evokes so much emotion in me.  In you too, I bet.  If you were raised in the south or with any sort of organized religion in your life, this word most likely has a negative connotation.  I usually get a visual of some sloppy, angry guy, maybe in a cheap suit holding a sign that says something like “Turn or burn!”.  He’s standing on a street corner in a high traffic area, sometimes yelling into a microphone or at the top of his lungs, “You’re going to hell!”


So sad.


Repentance simply means to change your mind or return to a higher way of thinking.


That resonated with me.  I could learn to embrace repentance with that definition.


It sounds easy, but how do we do it?  Most of us are stuck.  I’ve been stuck.  In fact for the first time in years I feel like I finally have the tools to get un-stuck.


Research tells us that 75-90% of all ill mental health is a result of our thoughts.  Just because you haven’t been diagnosed bipolar or schizophrenic does not mean you are in good mental health.


Ill mental health manifests in many ways.  The most common is depression, negative attitude or maybe just all those nasty things you say to yourself. i.e. “I feel so fat.” “I will never be happy.” “Can he ever love me?” “I’m so stupid.”….


I am not going to cure your mental condition with one blog post.  I realize that.  I am here to shine a light.  I want you to begin to take inventory, gather awareness.


The first thing required to make lasting positive change is dissatisfaction (see previous blog post titled “satisfied”).  You must become aware that you are genuinely dissatisfied with something in your life.  It could simply be your stinkin’ thinkin’.  It could be your weight, your friends, your job or even your spouse.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT telling you to go find a new spouse.


As the story goes, Wherever you go, there you are.


If you are dissatisfied, I want you to begin to become aware of the thoughts you have around that dissatisfaction.  That is the first step.  Don’t rush the process.  It may help if you turn off the t.v. or the radio every time you are alone.


Embrace the quiet, or for some just create it.  Next, become aware of what’s really eating at you.  Then gather awareness of the thoughts you have surrounding that.


Our next step will be to find out if we have a vision….


Stay tuned… 


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