August 9, 2014

Someone is always watching.  In the kitchen. At the coffee shop. Unfortunate for me, in traffic.  At the gym.  Whether you care to admit it, someone is always watching, paying attention.  What are they watching?  What are they looking for? They’re observing. Processing information. They are deciding who you are, deciding if you inspire them to be something better.


One of the biggest lies I believe people buy into is that their decisions only affect them.  It’s my life, they say.  The truth is, yes, it is your life, but your decisions affect all those connected to you; from your spouse to your boss man.  If you stepped in the dog’s dish on your way out the door this morning and your car started making this weird noise while getting stuck in traffic that is making you late for your next appointment, you might be in a bad mood.  Or you may have just got out of the bed in a bad mood.  Then you walk in to the sandwich place and are rude to the counter lady…..She’s watching.  That is your sphere of influence.


I try to teach my kids to use their sphere of influence for good, not evil.  To do so involves choices.  Moment to moment choices.  Do you throw your gum wrapper on the ground because you can’t find a trash can?  Are you nasty to the customer service person on the phone because you know you won’t ever have to face them?  We are so powerful. We alone hold the power to make good choices that can and do affect all those in our sphere.


How can we use our power for good?


Smiling is a good place to start.  “I love smiling, smiling’s my favorite!” ~Elf   Sounds cheesy, I know what you’re thinking.  Never underestimate the power of a smile or a kind word.  We all like to get them.  Why not try to start giving what you like to get.


Stop thinking of everything in terms of yourself only.  Start thinking outside of yourself.  You would be amazed at how your kindness, understanding, patience and service comes back to you when you are willing to give it away.


Random acts of kindness.  One of my favorites is leaving my quarter in the Aldi shopping cart.  Chances are when I can’t find a quarter in my wallet or car there’s one left in the cart for me when I need it.  Or why not just pay the bill for the car behind you in the drive-thru line.  It’s kinda fun.


So in the spirit of awareness I challenge you; pay attention.  Someone is always watching.  How will you use your super powers? 


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