June 25, 2014

I had the immense pleasure of having coffee with an old girlfriend last night.  I really dig her, she has so many gifts.  We have the same kooky sense of humor and she can get real with me and I really value that in a relationship. It’s been years though since we’ve connected.  Years.  She got married young, had two kids, a high-powered job.  Let’s be honest.  She didn’t always reach out or return my text messages.  She wasn’t doing life.  Life was doing her.  She’s had a real change in circumstance this past year and I got to learn more about her heart, her fears, her hopes, her goals.  She, like most of us is very hard on herself.  Doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t want to disappoint anyone.  Doesn’t want to scar her kids.  Doesn’t want to fail her husband.  I feel so honored that she shared.  Does any of this sound familiar?


I want to introduce grace.  Unmerited favor.  Getting something you didn’t earn or ask for.  It’s a God thing.  It’s a free gift.  But if you don’t unwrap the present, you will never know what’s inside.  It’s free. Open it.


You will never know an individual’s inner struggles fully.  I am still learning things about the man I’ve lived with for over 20 years. People need grace, not judgment.


So if my friend, who I cherish needs grace, and my husband who I know more about than any other human being on this earth needs grace; then what about you?  What about your spouse, relative, the rude lady at the grocery store or the guy that cut you off in traffic?


There’s an old saying about “walking a mile in someone’s shoes”….or something like that.  Everyone has stuff.  Apply grace.  Why? Because I’m pretty certain at some point, today or tomorrow you will need it too. 


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