June 5, 2014

What exactly is gossip?  Is it really gossip if it’s true?  Is it really gossip if it’s something you would or have said directly to that person?  Is it only gossip if it’s mean or untrue?


Websters definition: Rumor or talk of a personal or sensational nature. Someone who habitually spreads sensational or intimate facts.


I have always been taught that gossip is idle talk about others.  Period.


Thomas C. Corley wrote a book called Rich Habit of Wealthy Individuals.  He says, ” Gossiping is a poverty habit.  Wealthy, successful people do not gossip because gossiping damages relationships and to the successful, relationships are like gold.  Gossip is almost always negative and negativity is the path to poverty.  Whereas a positive mindset is the path to prosperity and success.”


Some people make a sport of it.  You know who they are.  They literally don’t have anything to say unless it’s on the topic of someone else.  I usually feel like crap after talking about someone else.  Rarely, do I feel better.  I do agree you should have one safe person in your life that you can vent your deepest feelings to.  This would be the one and only person that you talk to about an issue.  They will guard your emotions and the conversation stops there.  But if you generally call, text or float from person to person, conversation to conversation spewing your hurt or opinion or sharing the same story over and over again; you may have a gossiping problem.


My friend Tawni in California comes to mind as someone in my life who has always used the utmost discretion in friendship and communicating with me.  She is younger than I but obviously learned this character trait early in her life.  Whenever I’m around her she never idly chats about other people.  Sometimes it is the absence of gossip that is most noticeable since we all do so much of it!  I am inspired by her and some other ladies in my life like Sarah and Marissa.


It is a discipline and one I desire to master.  It is my goal for the remainder of month of June 2014 to be a gossip-free zone.  If you want to talk about someone else, I don’t want to engage.  I want to be your friend. I want to be a good listener and I do want to help.  If I am the only person you are sharing with and you truly desire to take any construction advice I give, then I am here for you.  But I do not want to participate in gossip.  I want to be positive and successful.  I want to spend my energy lifting other up.  Will you join me in this challenge?? 


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