May 27, 2014

You are enough.


Say it with me. “I am enough.”


Marinate.  Close your eyes and give me 5 deep breaths.


This big, nasty world will tell you otherwise. But listen to me.  They’re just trying to sell you something.  New shoes, some cosmetics, a more expensive car, a prescription medication, a feeling, an image.  We are marketed to death.  Literally until something inside of you dies.


You are being marketed.


None of it will satisfy you until you come to this very foundational belief.  I am enough.


I confess I am an information addict.  I love learning. Reading. Listening. Absorbing.  But years ago I had to fix my filter.  Kinda like the one on your Brita pitcher or faucet.  After a while they get clogged and they don’t work as well.


It’s good to grow, progress, get more information but not at the expense of your peace, your sense of well-being.  If getting more information makes you progressively more dissatisfied with how God made you, it’s time for a fast.  Maybe you need to quit the People magazine subscription or stop reading the newspaper.  Maybe for you it’s the Motorcycle mag or hanging out at the mall.  Oh please, don’t get me started on the mall.  I feel so inadequate every time I walk in the place. Start paying attention to the things in your life that make you feel bad about who you are.  Challenge: take a break from that thing or create healthy distance in that relationship.


There is never enough of ANYTHING that will satisfy you until you truly believe you are enough.


I love who you are.  God loves you.  You are enough.  Put it on a sticky note on your mirror or car dash. Make it your mantra today.


I am enough.



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