May 12, 2014

Disclosure: You may want to stop reading if you had and always have a fabulous mother’s day!  I’m not sure how I’m going to wrap this up, but I will figure it out before clicking, POST.


My old friend Amy affectionately coined this phrase “Others Day” for several reasons.  It’s rarely really all about you.  First of all, if your mother is living and local, as daughters we typically turn our attention towards them.  We either go visit them, or take them out, or generally make a big deal about them.  Yes, they are mothers.  Yes, they deserve honor.  Yes, their sacrifices for us bratty kids was great, if not greater than ours for our children.  But, you have to admit, you are going to make a bigger deal about your mother, than she generally will make about you.  I get that it’s “Mother’s” day and that she’s a “Mom”….but if you still have children that live in your home the fact is you are “mothering” on a daily basis.


Secondly, when does a mom stop being a mom while rearing children?  If you are still in the throes of mothering, you’re NEVER off the clock.  So unless you leave the house, leave town or even the country without your kids, truth is, you don’t have a day off.  Not even on Mother’s Day.  Now some of you have really great men out there.  And if yours released you to get a massage, or your nails done, if he cooked you a meal, or took you where you wanted to eat one, if he bought you a card or just genuinely made you feel like a princess with his words; kiss him square in the mouth and tell him he makes it all worth it!  But unfortunately, some men seem to think “well you’re not MY mother.”  So sad.


Then there’s the kids.  Those short people in our home we are desperately trying to keep from becoming convicted felons one day.  Some of them really get it.  They say “Thanks Mom” or “You’re the best!” or they buy you an electric fly swatter.  Some of them don’t get it.  Some of that is our fault.  Some of that is Dad’s fault.  Ultimately, it’s a parenting thing.  Most kids either need to be reminded of the date or they need to see Dad making it a big deal.  Come on guys, a household is a lot like a business.  It starts at the top.  Gratitude is taught.


I hope that you made the mother’s in your life feel special, whether they gave birth to you, raised you, or birthed your children.  Every mother does a job that Dr. Phil says is the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs.  It is tiring and often thank-less.  It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to let that mother know how valuable she truly is.  Don’t delay.  Don’t be a schmuck.  Last I checked, she’s not getting commission, bonus or even a paycheck for mothering.  Most kids don’t say, “That bottle was just the perfect temperature Mom, way to go!” or “You do the best job folding the clothes!”  So as much as it depends on you; honor her.  Love her.  Shower her with gifts, or kisses or accolades.  Write her a note on a post-it.  Tell her you loved dinner.  If she makes it look easy, just know it’s because she’s a mom, not because it’s easy.



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