May 8, 2014

I know I’ve been missing in action lately…but I promise I have been present for the action at home and in life…


Sometimes the blog doesn’t get tended to because, well….it just sits over here quietly not asking to be fed, cleaned or loved.


Accept my apologies.  All of you.


The other reason I have neglected the blog is because I’ve been taking a course.  Actually a few courses.  Reading some books. Watching some webinars and listening to a butt-load of podcasts while chipping away at my 10,000 daily steps goal.  After listening to another great podcast by a successful blogger, I realized it’s simply a time management/priority thing.  The truth is, you can’t blog while watching The Real Housewives of….whatever.  I too want to just zone out sometimes.  However, I have too much to share.  Wisdom is worthless if you keep it to yourself.  Napoleon Hill put it something like this, “Knowledge alone is not power.  It is the practical application of knowledge that is power.”  Of course NOBODY likes a “know-it-all” but if life has brought you through a challenge and you survived or even thrived post-challenge, then share!  Someone else can draw strength from your experience.  Heck, not everyone has to make their own mistakes.  Some people are happy to learn from the mistakes of others.


Soooo, with all that said.


Look for more consistent blogging AND some local workshops on HORMONES(weight loss resistance, low libido) and Gut health!


In the mean time, I found this nifty little quiz and online course on Leaky Gut Syndrome.

It is quite the buzz in the health and wellness circles right now because leaky gut is being linked back to all sorts of disease in the body;  Auto-immune disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, join pain, IBS, Crohns, even Cancer.  The other reason it’s really important to know about and tend to is because if you take a multi-vitamin or any other supplement chances are it is not being absorbed by your body and that is some expensive pee!


Check out the course at:


See you soon!



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