April 2, 2014

If you clicked on the link you probably did so because you’re a little geeky or curious like me….or because you have no clue what a biocycle is. says it’s the cycling of chemicals through a biosphere.  Vague.  My post today is specifically about how our hormone fluctuations cycle through our body.  Specifically, how these fluctuations affect a women from week to week.  If you’re really geeky and want to get in-depth on the topic, just google “biocycle study”.


I’m just going to break it down into interesting terms we can all have a little fun with.


Every month a women’s body goes through 4 phases in preparation for menstruation or pregnancy.


These are approximations.


Menstrual. (Day 1-5)

Follicular. (Day 1-13)

Ovulatory. (Day 14-15)

Luteal. (Day 15-28)


With those phases come some major changes in body chemistry.  If you lift weights or do Crossfit like me, you can notice a marked difference in your workouts.  Others may just notice whether or not they’re barking at they’re husband or kids.


There’s so much more going on than that.  I want to shed some light on your cycle just a bit to hopefully help you understand yourself better or men reading this can understand their woman.


Have you ever wondered why the mood strikes you to paint or write?  Or one of my favorites, clean out the pantry or rearrange the furniture.  Let me explain.


Follicular: Creative  This is the part of your cycle when you feel most like creating.  So maybe you don’t paint or write or play music; but this may be when you most naturally feel like picking out new drapes or designing the flower beds in your yard.


Ovulatory: Communication  This is when you best and most naturally articulate yourself and your feelings.  Might be good to ask for a raise at work during this phase or have that awkward discussion with your spouse or friend.


Luteal: Detail-oriented  This is when the pantry gets cleaned out and your organize your shoe closet.  It also might be the best time to put your new budget into place or start a blog.


Menstrual: Introspection/personal inventory  Probably my favorite part of the entire thing.  It’s the start of a new cycle.  Without taking inventory the other parts of the cycle aren’t as productive.


I loved learning this information and I hope you did too.


Marinate on it. Scribble some notes on your calendar.  Become more aware of where you’re at in your cycle and capitalize on the things that are going on naturally.  Create something new.  Communicate an important message or do some Spring cleaning.


If we start to see ourselves and our bodies not as a burden but as a tool to achieve our goals we can change the world!


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